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Officual Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Program in Higher Artistic Education in Music, specializing in Performance

With a methodology where all subjects focus on enhancing the interpretative abilities of the student, the four years of official undergraduate studies in Music will be an excellent investment of time in these crucial years for the future instrumentalist. The student will acquire all the competencies, both specific and cross-curricular, on their path to musical excellence.

You can now register for the entrance exams for the 2024/2025 academic year.

Admissions | Year 24/25
official degree

Bachelor's Degree in Higher Artistic Education in Music. Specialization in Performance


Four academic years - from September to June


240 ECTS (60 per course)


Spanish with adaptation for international students


June and july 2024

Details of the program

The Bachelor's Degree Program in Higher Artistic Education in Music at Musical Arts Higher School requires the completion of four full academic years (from September to May), through which you will achieve mastery of your instrument and nurture your artistic, musical, and cultural understanding to a professional level. Each academic year, you will study a series of theoretical and practical subjects worth 60 ECTS (European credits recognizing professional competencies acquired in the study program).

To obtain the Official Higher Degree in Higher Artistic Education, each student will complete a total of 240 ECTS (60 ECTS annually for each year).

The curriculum governing the Official Higher Degree at Musical Arts is defined by the common guidelines for all Higher Artistic Education centers imposed by the government of the Community of Madrid.

Through this document, you can explore the different subjects you will study over the four years of the Higher Degree in Performance, as well as the ECTS credits each one corresponds to.

Download Study Plan · Itinerarios A y B

Each of the subjects to be taken during the four years of the program is defined according to the specific public teaching guides of the subject.

See Teaching guides

Enrolling in the Musical Arts Higher Degree Program involves paying an annual tuition fee, which can be divided into up to nine monthly installments per academic year.

Cost of enrollment per academic year (60 ECTS):
Initial enrollment: €1,500.00
Nine monthly payments of €942.00

The Musical Arts Higher Degree Program considers the hybridization of online and in-person teaching methodologies.

Thus, Musical Arts ensures that at least 50% of the subjects you will study during the four years of the program can be conducted online. Practical instrumental subjects (instrument class, chamber music, ensembles, etc.) are conducted in person at the Musical Arts facilities in Madrid, while more theoretical subjects can be attended through the Musical Arts eLearning virtual platform.

Students who complete the program will receive an official degree in "Music. Specialization in Performance" issued by the Musical Arts Higher School. This degree is valid throughout the European Union and is equivalent to a university degree, following Royal Decree 631/2010, of May 14, which regulates the basic content of higher artistic education in Music established in Organic Law 2/2006, of May 3, on Education, and Decree 36/2011, of June 2, of the Governing Council, which establishes the Curriculum for the Community of Madrid for higher artistic education in Music.

Admissions 2024/2025

To enroll in the Higher Degree Program for the 2024/2025 academic year, prospective students must pass an entrance exam before a panel.

This entrance exam will consist of practical and theoretical exercises to assess the student's aptitude with their instrument for entry into the program.

These entrance exams will take place in two sessions (June and July 2024). Only those spots that remain unfilled in the first session of entrance exams will be applicable in the second session.

You can now register for the entrance exams for the upcoming academic year, which guarantees your spot in the exams.

Instrucciones para la inscripción

From February 22, 2024, aspiring students of the program can register for the first call for access tests in the program through the School's website.

Registration for the access tests is carried out through the GETACCEPTD platform, which will guide you in your application to the desired program - and in which the student must create a personal account

Start application

Once you have completed your registration for the access tests through the "Get Acceptd" platform, the Musical Arts Secretariat will request several essential documents from you to participate in these.Among them are:

· A sworn declaration of not having submitted more than two applications for access tests in other centers in the Community of Madrid.

· Bachelor's degree or academic equivalent (Maturity Test or university entrance test for those over 25 years of age), or proof that your application for this to the relevant administration is in progress.

· ID card or passport‍

Descripción de la prueba

La prueba de acceso al Programa de Titulación Superior consta de dos ejercicios; uno práctico, con tu propio instrumento, y otro teórico (Análisis Musical). Ambos ejercicios se llevarán a cabo de forma presencial en Musical Arts Madrid. A través del siguiente documento, puedes conocer los detalles de esta prueba

Primer ejercicio

Consta de una prueba de Análisis Musical, en la que el aspirante tendrá que responder a un máximo de tres preguntas formuladas por el tribunal sobre cualquiera de las obras presentadas.

El nivel de dificultad de este es relativo al final de la asignatura “Análisis” y/o “Fundamentos de Composición” de las Enseñanzas Profesionales.

Segundo ejercicio

Interpretación de, al menos 3 obras de diferentes estilos, con una duración máxima de 30 minutos en total.

El aspirante podrá presentar obras completas, movimientos de dichas obras o estudios. La interpretación se realizará sin pianista o clavecinista acompañante aunque la obra lo requiera

Tras esta, se requerirá la lectura a vista de una obra elegida por el tribunal, de nivel relativo al final de la asignatura "Instrumento Principal" de las Enseñanzas Profesionales.

International students

Foreign students must register for the access tests through the "Get Acceptd" platform.

Foreign students who wish to take the access tests for the 24/25 course must present a degree equivalent to the Spanish baccalaureate or the approval of the same.

If you are processing this approval, the interested party must prove with proof provided by the pertinent entity that this process is being carried out.

Foreign students can pre-register through the form although is not processing this approval. Once the form is completed, the Secretariat Department will contact the interested party to facilitate the procedures regarding this approval.


With your pre-registration, you will be able to select the main instrument teacher with whom you wish to take classes throughout the study period. You can find out about the teaching staff authorized within the Higher Degree Program of the different departments, as well as those of the transversal subjects, by clicking on the link below.

See faculty

Date for auditions

First call: between 12 and 30 of june, 2024
Second calla: entre el 17 y el 21 de julio de 2024

Deadline for registration for the first session: April 30, 2023

Deadline for registration for the second session: June 15, 2023

Location of the auditions

Musical Arts Madrid
C/ López de Hoyos, 168 - 28002 MADRID (España)

Cost of auditions

Participating in the entrance exams for the Higher Degree Program has a cost of €60.00*.

For those students who register before May 31, 2024, the application fee will be €35.00.

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